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Hot Pepper Awards 2012 | Golden Chile & Fiery Foods 2013/2014

Heat's a Peach --- X-HOT Peach Trinidad Scorpion Sauce with Roasted Garlic - 5 OZ


Heat's a Peach is an all-new, very hot sauce from Lucky Dog Hot Sauce!  

Significantly hotter than our seasonal Black Label, Heat's a Peach revisits the beloved Trinidad Scorpion pepper for a uniquely delicious and well-balanced sauce that delicately walks the fine line between fire & flavor, with the emphasis on flavor. 

Heat's a Peach hits harder & faster than Black Label, and similarly creeps up from there.Due to the palate cleansing quality of peach pectin, each bite you take refreshes & excites again & again. 

Not quite "novelty hot", Heat's a Peach is a Barbados-style hot sauce created by combining Trinidad Scorpion peppers with California peaches, roasted garlic, pears, and a beautifully balanced blend of spices to create the perfect sweet/savory & very hot balance.

Like all of the fruit-based sauces in the Lucky Dog Hot Sauce lineup, this sauce is much more savory than sweet.

While there's no questioning the immediate burn of Heat's a Peach, this is not a gimmicky hot sauce.  In fact, this may well be Lucky Dog's most versatile creation and can be used on nearly any food.  "Food's Best Friend" is more than just the company slogan; it is creator Scott Zalkind's personal philosophy for sauce-making. 

Heat's a Peach is an all-natural hot sauce, with no extract, nothing artificial, and no extreme concentrations of pure capsaicin. That said, Heat's a Peach is indeed very hot, and it is extremely delicious.


Pairing suggestions: Enjoy Heat's a Peach on pizza, Mexican food, steak, fish, chicken, pork, BBQ, sandwiches, in soups and stews or to enhance virtually all of your favorite recipes. Possibly the most versatile of the Lucky Dog Hot Sauce product line, Heat's a Peach will truly be your food's best friend! 


Heat's a Peach is a Winner!

    •  2019 Fiery Food Challenge, 1st Place Golden Chile, Trinidad Scorpion Sauce
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    The Story Behind the Sauce
    Created for a friend's wedding, Heat's a Peach received spectacular response from the bride, groom & attendees alike. As they own a hot sauce shop called Heat, & they've been incredibly supportive of my brand since day 1, I wanted to honor them with a sauce named after their shop. And since I'm also a lifelong Allman Brothers fan I was able to pay homage to my favorite band all at the same time.

    I hope you enjoy this very hot sauce as much as I do - I think it's my best sauce to date! 
    ~Scott Z. 

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